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Procedures for joining the Jordan Numbering Authority Company and the immediate services obtained by the company:

1- Membership Fees

  1. (160) JDs for Entrance Fees, this is only a once payment made on the first registration.
  2. Annual Membership Fees are 3 categories based on the company's legal status as follows:
    1. (135) JDs for sole proprietorships, general partnerships, limited partnerships & limited partnerships in shares.
    2. (235) JDs for limited liability companies, private shareholding, charitable societies, and non-profit entities.
    3. (520) JDs for public shareholding companies government and public agencies and corporations.
  3. Sales Tax to be added.

2- Following are the direct services that you will receive upon completing your registration process

  1. A GS1 Company Prefix to allocate barcode numbers to all your products/services.
  2. Provide you with the service of photography & product measurement to 5 items for free.
  3. Provide barcode verification service to 3 items for free.
  4. Access to Member Area.
  5. Provide free training for two employees at you’re the company on barcode applications

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