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هيئة الترقيم الاردنية

25 عاماً الباركود أردني رحلــةُ تمّيزٍ مُلهمــةٍ نحــوَ العالمــــيـــة


A Inspirational Journey Towards Global Recognition

This year, we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Jordanian Numbering Organization, an inspirational journey towards global recognition.

Date of Establishment:

Established in 1998, the Jordanian Numbering Organization is a financially and administratively independent non-profit organization owned by the Jordanian Company for Economic Projects Development (JEDCO), a government entity. It also serves as one of the main regional offices alongside 116 other offices representing GS1 worldwide. Its role is to implement the GS1 global standards system, managing data identification, coding, storage, and sharing across various supply chains.

Our Story:

Our industrial and commercial sectors in Jordan excel in keeping up with the latest technologies, requiring product data identification and retrieval for exports. The presence of a local office for managing barcode services has helped the industrial sector identify and barcode products to enhance supply chain efficiency and reach commercial markets according to the GS1 system of standards. The Jordanian Numbering Organization is a national reference for all matters related to the GS1 global standards system. It aims to make Jordan one of the leading countries in this field, translating it into successes that empower businesses and facilitate people's lives. The organization has been a vital necessity for industrial and commercial sectors in the local market, now serving as a tool for economic and social empowerment, providing Jordan with the means, tools, and methods to make global standards a source of strength for the national economy. Today, the Jordanian Numbering Organization strives to support the Jordanian market across all sectors in light of significant changes in the economic, political, social, and technological environment in the region, aligning with global developments and regulations.

What does "625" represent:

625 is the Jordanian barcode prefix, representing the identity of Jordanian products on the global stage.

Experiences and Services:

Barcode applications have aided in combating counterfeiting and forgery, facilitating tracking operations, and ensuring patient safety. We have launched the "Jo-Scan" platform: a gateway to local and global markets, providing accurate, organized, and reliable data that elevates products on e-commerce platforms.


"Easier Business and Better Life with Trusted Global Standards"


A recognized national reference for leading and empowering diverse sectors, efficiently and effectively adopting the GS1 global standards system.