In 2002, The Management Board of Jordan Enterprise Development Corporation (JEDCO) approved the foundation of Jordan Numbering Association  (GS1 Jordan) as a not-for-profit association, the administration of GS1 Jordan is entrusted to a Board of Directors composed of five Directors from Trade, Industry and Governmental Sectors.

Since then, GS1 Jordan –member of GS1 Global organization-  has become the sole numbering authority for Jordan to administer a global multi-industry system of identification and communication for products, services, shipping units, assets and  locations based on internationally accepted and business led standards. It   is established, for the benefit, and a more efficient operation, of the manufacturing, wholesale, retail and services sectors.

 Vision & Mission

 Our Vision is to develop standards and services that allow Jordan business enterprises to implement supply chain best practices which operate and integrate seamlessly with their trading partners around the world, enabling them to meet international trading standards and regulations.

Our mission is to serve the needs of our members by driving the adoption of global GS1 supply chain standards that add value to Jordan business through the development of user-driven and tested standards and related services.

Our goal is to improve the efficiency of integrated logistics while contributing added value to partners involved, as well as to consumers.