GS1JO GPC (GS1JO Global Product Classification)

This software is developed by our team at GS1 Jordan based on GS1 GPC schema (Segment, Family, Class, Brick and Attribute) to classify any product accurately and quickly.

This service is provided to companies and organisations to facilitate exchanging products information easily with their trading partners such as Suppliers and Retailers as well as ensure that products are classified correctly and uniformly.

GS1JO GPC is available in both English and Arabic Languages.

English Interface   Arabic Interface
gpcPhoto   Arabic GPC
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For further information, please contact GS1 Jordan.

GPC Browser

The GS1 GPC is a system that gives buyers and sellers a common language for grouping products in the same way, everywhere in the world.

The GPC browser allows you to browse all components (Segment, Family, Class, Brick and Attribute) of the current GPC schemas.


Link_Icon GS1 GPC Browser


Acrobat-Reader GS1 GPC Overview