GS1 Traceability Solutions

Organisations require consistent traceability solutions spanning the full supply chain regardless of country or industry sector.
By defining a shared minimum requirement and showing what action is required from organisations, industry sectors, countries, or a group of trading or traceability partners, the GS1 Global Traceability Standard will enable interoperability between traceability systems across the whole supply chain whilst accommodating specific business, industry sector, or regulatory requirements.

Each partner in the supply chain will have their own objectives in terms of the use of the traceability system, the lowest level of traceable item and the data required to manage their particular business environment and strategy. Yet partners need to work collaboratively in order to achieve the required level of traceability across the whole supply chain. Furthermore, having a standards-based traceability process can demonstrate that an organisation has met requirements of corporate responsibility.

Partners in a supply chain could use various levels of product traceability to enable business needs such as:

  • To comply with regulatory requirements and guidance on recalls
  • To reduce business risks above and beyond legal compliance
  • Product recall and withdrawal (notably to achieve a greater degree of precision, to
  • demonstrate control, increase efficiency and reduce the cost of product recall or withdrawal)
  • To comply with a trading partner’s specifications
  • Efficient logistics management
  • Effective quality management
  • To support product and/or patient safety
  • To provide information to end users and trading partners
  • To verify the presence or absence of product attributes (e.g., organic, dolphin safe, contains latex)
  • Brand protection
  • Product authentication
  • Anti-counterfeit policies
  • Visibility in supply and demand chain

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Acrobat-Reader GS1 Global Traceability Standard
Acrobat-Reader Global Traceability Standard for Healthcare
Acrobat-Reader Implementation Guide for Traceability of Fresh Fruits & Vegetables
Acrobat-Reader Global Traceability Implementation Healthcare

Implementation Case Studies
Acrobat-Reader Fresh Foods Traceability – Icestar (GS1 Chile)
Acrobat-Reader Fresh Foods Traceability – Al Shams (GS1 Egypt)
Acrobat-Reader Food traceability – Koestlin (GS1 Croatia)
Acrobat-Reader Traceability for fresh poultry – Arrivé (France)
Acrobat-Reader Traceability in Fresh Fruit & Vegetables - Anecoop (GS1 Spain)
Acrobat-Reader Dairy Products Traceability – Campina (GS1 Netherlands)