About GS1 128

GS1 128 is the new name for the UCC/EAN-128 symbology in keeping with the new brand image.

The GS1 128 bar codes, together with Application Identifiers (AIs), enable companies to provide additional information about a product alongside the GTIN for the product itself.  GS1 128 may be used presently only on a trade item as retail systems are not capable of scanning this bar code.  Therefore its use is not recommended on consumer units until this technology is made widely available.  It is also recommended not to use the GS1 128 symbol when printing directly onto corrugated board. 

GS1 128 Specifications


Size: Variable and dependant upon content
X dimension at nominal size: 1.016 mm
Magnification Factor: 25% to 100%
Target Magnification: 48.7%
Min. Bar Height: 32mm
Target Location: Min. 19mm from a vertical edge.