GS1 Jordan is a not-for-profit company - a GS1 Member Organization- that locally administers the global multi-industry system of identification (using barcodes, 2D-codes and RFID - radio frequency identification)  and communication for products, services, assets and locations - the GS1 System.

GS1 identification numbers and barcodes permit organisations of any size to order, track, trace, deliver and pay for goods across the supply chain, anywhere in the world. The GS1 System was developed by user companies under the leadership of GS1 Global Office. It is recognised by the International Standards Organisation (ISO), the European Standardisation Committee (CEN) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

GS1 Jordan is here to help Jordanian companies become more efficient; our fundamental role apart from allocating GS1 company prefix numbers, Global Location Number and EPC manager numbers, is also to help companies adopt world's best practices in supply chain management.

With our network of 112 GS1 Member Organizations (MOs) around the world today, over one million registered users companies in 150 countries use GS1 standards as part of their daily business communications, representing over five billion barcode scans a day. 

For more details about GS1 Jordan, look up GS1 Jordan  Brochure, What is GS1?


GS1 Jordan provides the following services:

  • Access the full range of GS1 Standards 
  • A GS1 Company Prefix. This invaluable number is the foundation of the unique numbering for your products that identifies them to trading partners all around the world.
  • Technical manual and brochures assist implementation of GS1 bar codes. 
  • Member & Industry Support. Whether you are ready to take your warehouse to the next level with the GS1 System or simply want to know how to prepare the perfect bar code. 
  • Industry-specific seminars in areas involving the specialised use of the GS1 System. 
  • Onsite visits by GS1 Jordan, Courses and in house training.
  • Bar code verification to ensure your bar codes meet global GS1 Standards and trading partner requirements. 
  • Datapool and data synchronization Services.
  • The Global Location Number (GLN) Information Register: facilitates improved supply chain management within industry and organisations by enabling superior management of Global Location Numbers (GLN) and associated data.
  • Web site. Access GS1 Jordan’s online services, technical information, newsletters, event details, List of solution providers and more..