What are bar codes?

The lines in a bar code represent numbers and letters which, when read by a bar code scanner, can be decoded, recorded and processed by a computer system. Our standard bar codes usually represent unique identification numbers which you can get from GS1 Jordan.

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Why are bar codes so useful?

By automating processes using bar codes you reduce the risk of human error in data entry and processing, standardise an approach to product labelling so everyone understands the information, and prevent mistakes in reading handwriting.

Who uses bar codes?

The retail industry has benefited hugely from the use of bar codes. Bar codes enable retailers to:

  • accurately manage stock levels
  • track products throughout the supply chain
  • identify product shortages on store shelves
  • minimise queues at the checkout

GS1 DataBar is a new bar code that is being introduced by GS1 for use in the retail sector. It is smaller or can encode more information such as expiry dates, batch numbers, prices, weights and more. Manufacturers use bar codes on all their products – or consumer units – that are scanned at the checkout. They also use bar codes on traded or logistic units that are moved throughout the supply chain. This enables them to:

  • deliver products faster
  • track products throughout the supply chain
  • provide a better service to their customers
  • manage production schedules more efficiently

And manufacturers can also enjoy the same benefits with their suppliers further up the supply chain through upstream supply chain integration. The same benefits are also enjoyed by foodservice operators and their supplier. Healthcare organisations also benefit from using bar codes to help:

  • prevent medication errors
  • track and trace surgical equipment
  • manage blood supplies and other products

Other sectors including transport and logistics and defence also use bar codes to make their processes more efficient.

Can I get a bar code from GS1 Jordan?

Yes. GS1 Jordan will help you create your bar codes.

How do I know which sort of bar code I need?

The sort of bar code you need depends on what you need it for – consumer units, logistic units or traded units, for more information, please contact GS1 Jordan